Roger Gordon's first US Patent for the production of ammonia from air, water and energy.

The concept developed by Roger Gordon is embodied in a layer that can be recovered and used in conjunction with other recreational activities, as is shown here. An ammonia reactor developed to implement Roger's working process is being demonstrated and tested at the Ontario Technical University.

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Attempts have been made to obtain government recognition of this important technological innovation.Those attempts continue, but governments addicted to taxes on oil and oil products have been slow to support the development of ammonia as a fuel. Recent focus on climate change issues will lead to a rapid change in government viewpoints and a likely rapid move to support alternate fuels like ammonia.

41st Parliament, 1st Session. May 12, 2016

Mr. Ted Arnott: I am very pleased and privileged to have this opportunity this morning to speak to third reading of Bill 172.
Tomorrow, I am meeting with a constituent by the name of Roger Gordon. I have written a number of e-mails and letters to the government on his behalf. He has his own company, and he calls it Green NH3. He has an ammonia-based fuel that he believes would represent a substantial solution to our energy challenge. I call attention to it because I’m going to be meeting with him again tomorrow. I would encourage the government to revisit the file that I brought to their attention about the potential for ammonia-based fuel.